Nairobi Botanic Garden
National Museums of Kenya
Wednesday 28th June 2017

On a grey day that started with a little drizzle, 20 members visited the Nairobi Botanic Garden and were shown around by Mr William Wambugu, the Botanic Garden Manager & Ms Agnes Lusweti, a research scientist. In 1995 consultants from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and staff at the National Museums of Kenya discussed establishing a Nairobi Botanic Garden within the Museum grounds on Museum Hill. The main purposes of the Botanic Gardens are education, conservation, research and recreation. The Gardens are currently laid out in 15 themed areas over 3.5 hectares: Memorial Garden, Grass Garden, Children’s Garden, Succulent Garden, New Nairobi Forest to name just a few areas. There is a nursery area where they are propagating some of the rarer plants including Gigasiphin macrosiphon, a tree from the coastal area which is threatened due to habitat loss and is doing very well in the Botanic garden as you can see in the photo.

After being shown around the Gardens, we sat and discussed ways that we thought the KHS could help with the Botanic Garden. If anyone has visited the Botanic Garden and has thoughts about it that they would like to share, please contact us on


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