With the space and gardens getting smaller, balconies and patios attached to our residences tend to be small, most people despair at the thought of even thinking about a garden. So the thoughts of even attending a flower-show or visiting a nursery present more despair. Well I have some themes and ideas that will make even the smallest of the space have great potential.

Vegetable Gardens


The choices you make for your garden should depend on – what you want to eat, the space you have for the particular vegetable and the amount of sunlight received. For example corn requires a lot of vertical space to produce a good crop.

While potatoes require a lot of soil depth to produce well. Plastic basin, pots, old bathtub, pans and hanging baskets can be used. Just remember to water often and fertilizer the potted vegetables. Finally enjoy fresh picked vegetables, salads without breaking your back.

Water Gardens and Zen Gardens


Based on traditional Japanese gardening/oriental way of gardening, thegarden promotes tranquility and contemplation with simple and natural elements like stone, slabs, gravel or sand, a bonsai /tailored shrub or tree.

The gravel and sand are used to recreate the stillness of water which will help quiet and focus your mind.Ponds in Zen garden represent negative space or the nothingness that is important to meditation. While the sound of dripping water is meant to remind you to exist in the moment with each drip.

Flower Gardens

 ideas-for-small-spaces-3A tiny balcony is a second floor space; it always boils down to plants, comfy seating and a solid design plan.Plants add on an element of privacy and bring a sense of color/depth of the space.Every detail counts, each planter should be treated as a separate flowerbed, therefore plant plants with the same horticultural needs.

Breakfast or Outside Dining


Who wouldn’t want to savor some great food and refreshing drinks on a lovely balcony?